Monday, 31 December 2018

First and Last for 2018

Reading my older posts, I know that I used to be so childish and fragile.
Throughout my present life, I become more stronger and matured enough.
I have been through ups and downs a lot this year, 2018.
Grateful, disappointed.
Those feelings taught me something,
What you have,
What you do not want but it still comes to you,
Just you know that it will be the best for you.

To those who still stay with me,
I never show you how much I am glad to have you in my life.
But deep down in my heart I do appreciate your existence.
To those who no longer have anything with me,
I am sorry for all my wrongdoings.
I am sorry for not be able to treat you well.
But deep down in my heart I pray you will be happier
with people who can afford to do better than me.

To my beloved family,
I am so blessed when Allah still give me chance to be by your side, mak abah.
*I am crying typing this*
I am so sorry, I failed to make both of you proud.
Because of your du'a, I can survive and pass well my studies.
Because of your words make me do not want to give up yet.
Saying thank you is not enough.
Keep supporting me so that one day,
I will able to make our family live a good life.

2019, please be nice to me.

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