Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bercampur Rasa

I'm hearing the melody.
I'm thinking of them.
Thruthly I said, I really miss.
How can I describe my feeling ?

They are my strengthen.
I'm still here because of them.
Without them,
That always give me supports.
I'll be nothing.
I'll be futur to continue this life.
And of course.
Because of Him.
He gave me the chance.
I'll be stupid if I let it go.

To said that,
I'm in misery.
I'm apart does not mean I'm leaving.
I just need some times.
To flashback myself.
To rebuild myself.
I'm sorry.

Outside of me looks I'm okay.
Everything hides inside.
I will never let kesayangans feel burden.

"Menjauh. Bukan mahu pergi."

But as you said,


I'll do it.

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